Angela 's blog Art Mirrors by Mary Alvarado Tue, 03 May 2016 06:26:41 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Glamulet: Ideal Birthday Gifting Destination Thu, 21 Apr 2016 03:05:21 +0000 My excitement level has reached such a level that I found it almost impossible to resist sharing it with my readers! It is my daughter’s 13th birthday next week…and OMG she’s gonna be a teenager! Why does it always happen that milestones in your children’s life matter more to you than the child herself! I myself feel like a teenager once again J. Well, it is a special occasion and I feel the gift that I give her should be just as special.


What exactly can you give a child on the threshold of becoming an adolescent. Of course, she is going to be more mature and be able to handle expensive stuff now. This is what prompted me to decide on giving her a charm bracelet! She already has a few in her trinkets box but those are usual cheap stuff bought from local stores. For something unique and classy, I turned to Glamulet and was surely not disappointed.

fashion jewelry

Their bracelet section had several options in the dropdown and I chose their hot-selling ‘complete bracelet’. I loved several of them like the one that displayed my daughter’s sun sign, as well as other one with a splendid gemstone that happens to be her birthstone, but finally decided on the ‘Butterfly’s First Heart’. Made of 100% sterling silver, the piece was amongst the most expensive ones on the website ($105.95) but definitely worth it. It is something my daughter would definitely love and would be a keepsake reminding her of her first step towards a more mature being.

I am not really an online person. But last time I wanted to buy a gift for my niece’s birthday, my kids introduced me to online shopping. And the first attempt to get great gift suggestions took me to your site. Quite amazing stuff must say. The charm and bracelet collection is good, though prices of some items sound steep but they’re quite worthy. The site was also easy to use for first timers like me. Overall, i enjoyed the experience very much. Will vist again and recommend to others too J

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Fashion Jewelry Retailers Ruling the Online Space Tue, 29 Mar 2016 03:19:05 +0000 The boom in the e-commerce sector is for all to see. Though in every other field, consumers have instated faith in the e-tailers over the years, jewelry is quite a recent entrant in the bandwagon. Jewelry is an expensive item and most traditional buyers still flock the brick-and-mortar stores for an in-store personal experience.

Jewelry retailers and manufacturers have been leaving no stone upturned to get the consumers on the World Wide Web by offering them the best sales and after-sales support. While the in-store experience is undoubtedly more personal and individualised, the jewelry e-tailers are making all efforts to bring the online jewelry experience as close as it can get to the in-store shopping experience. Visit us. The same level of service as at brick-and-mortar stores is now being replicated online as well and has resulted in increased sale through this medium.

all womens like GlamuletMore and more consumers today are buying jewelry through various mediums like stores, and online through their laptops and phones. This is a result of the sincere efforts from the retailers’ side in seamlessly following their service ethos through all these mediums.

Today, jewelry businesses are being set up that have no stores and are solely dependent on their websites for doing business and generating sales. BaubleBar, based in New York, is one such fashion jewellery e-tailer that offers tips, advice and service online through e-mail, phone, live video consultation and audio chats. For an experience that mirrors the in-store one, one can view jewelry items through live video streaming, receive styling tips online through mails or chats, and can even send photographs of their outfit to receive jewelry tips on matching jewelry. Such revolutionary business models have boosted the faith of consumers in online fashion jewelry stores as overall engagement of consumers has been taken to a whole new level along with the faith of the consumers in online brands.

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Bracelet Charms – Absolutely Stunning On Their Wrists Sun, 06 Mar 2016 23:08:16 +0000 G-bracelt2A typical Italian charm bracelet has links that are combined together to form a bracelet and has no charms soldered onto it. The links could be formed in various shapes like images, figurines, letters, stones or pictures. It is because of these interlinked charms that Italian charm bracelets are also called modular charm bracelets. Italian bracelets cast in gold and sterling silver are quite popular amongst the youth, so are the stainless steel ones that are equally popular amidst both men and women.

The uber chic and sleek designs and styles available in Italian charms bracelet makes it an accessory of choice amongst customers across boundaries. Add a dash of color to this fascinating accessory by opting for a brilliant turquoise, sapphire, pearls or coral.

A charm bracelet made in sterling silver with diamonds encrusted in heart shape or a gold charm bracelet with the initials of your beloved engraved on it is the best gift you can give to your sweetheart. Charm bracelets are the best way to wear the love and passion of your life on your sleeves!

glamulet shop1What adds a touch of uniqueness to your charm bracelet are the charms! From initials of your loved one to his picture in a small frame, anything and everything of significance can be added to make your charm an extension of your personality. Charm bracelets are also quite a favourite amongst kids as it provides them with an opportunity to display their favourite cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Nemo, Pooh Bear and Tinker Bell.

Girls particularly love to flaunt Disney princess’s charms that look absolutely stunning on their wrists. Charm bracelets have forever been in fashion but there two new kinds that have emerged only recently- European and Italian. Interchangeable links or beads make these types of charm bracelets a rage that they are today.

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Fashion Jewelry Trends That Change With Each Season Sun, 28 Feb 2016 07:55:03 +0000 fashion jewelryJust like the consumers who are able to update their jewelry often owing to cheaper metals, designers and brands too are able to refresh their ranges quickly as the use of ‘urban’ metals gains more acceptance. Since ‘urban’ metals are stronger, they can be easily made lighter without being broken or damaged to create exquisite statement pieces that are lighter on your pockets as well! Stainless steel is increasingly being used in place of other white metals or even as a replacement for gold as it is majorly scratch-free, tarnish-free, hypoallergenic and more resistant than silver or gold.

Tungsten is another ‘urban’ metal that is expected to rise in ranks in the jewelry industry in near future. This metal is more expensive than stainless steel and most consumers are not aware of it, hence its use in jewelry is only limited till now. Being the hardest metal being used in the jewelry industry, tungsten is dark grey in color and has a dense weight.

all womens like Glamulet

Aluminium, a metal that is light, malleable and corrosion-resistant, is quite an interesting medium that is coupled with precious and semi-precious stones and metals to create luminous pieces of finery.more info

glamulet shop1

Be it tungsten, stainless steel or aluminum, each of these metals have grabbed a fair share of the fashion jewelry market today. Traditionally, these ‘urban’ and tough metals are considered to be quite manly and had been mostly used for men’s watches and jewelry.

Surprisingly, these metals are being lapped up by women as well! Women today prefer to complement their fast changing wardrobe trends with fashion jewelry trends that change with each season.

No wonder, these affordable, tough, tarnish-resistant and easy-to-work-with metals are the preferred metals amongst both the jewelry manufactures and buyers.

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The Growing Trend of Vintage Jewelry Wed, 24 Feb 2016 05:11:48 +0000 Vintage jewelry has always had a charm that new fashion jewelry has failed to replicate. The vintage or antique jewelry has an inherent magical quality that lets you travel back in time. Wearing it makes you reminiscence over a bygone era that is brought to life through that piece of finery. Vintage jewelry has a history waiting to be unravelled and that makes this kind of jewelry so fascinating. Apart from vintage or antique jewelry that is available to you in the form of heirloom jewelry that has been handed over from generations to generations, jewellers today are trying to recreate the same magic through recycled elements, metals, designs and stones. The demand for such recycled pieces has been soaring owing to the link it establishes with the bygone era, along with the promotion of environmental consciousness that these pieces try and achieve.


There are several factors that work in favour of vintage jewelry. According to experts, people today are fed up of mass-produced jewelry that gives them the sense of being a commoner, whereas vintage jewelry provides people with a royal and unique feel. Also, people have more disposable income in hands, hence they are looking to own and adorn individual pieces that add to their unique personality. For those who can’t afford it, incorporation of unique items from vintage jewelry into new pieces of finery is the trend to be followed.

fashion jewelry2

Major jewelry designers and brands of today are picking up curios and architectural pieces from vintage jewelry and blending it into brass and bronze castings, crystal strands and semi-precious metal chains. Antique-button pendants are also quite in vogue today where the buttons are not made of glass but metals like bronze, brass, tin, copper and pewter, and are set in sterling silver chains as pendants. Several celebrities like Pink, The Veronicas and Lily Allen have also been adorning recreated and refurbished vintage elements that include using dice and antique playing card into a fascinating new shape to be used in a pendant.

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Jewelry Trends 2016 from the Red Carpet Tue, 02 Feb 2016 04:51:56 +0000 B14010FA0Runway fashions and jewelry trends from across the world have forever been inspiring the fashion jewelry trends at the onset of each season. It is the jewelry and accessories worn by the women on top and top models that become the deciding factor for the trends that are to rule the industry in the upcoming seasons. Top international jewelry designers make sure to craft exquisite and exclusive jewelry pieces that provide women worldwide with fashion ideas that rule their choices for the time to come. It is about time that we offer you the buying guidelines that should keep you up-to-date with the latest fashion jewelry trends, including specific gemstone and jewelry offerings that are based on runway fashions and red carpet trends.

Earring jackets and studs are the latest trends that are topping the wish lists of fashionistas around the globe. Studs can be either worn solo or along with jackets that provide wearer with an ultra cool and chic look. Studs with jackets can be bought at a wide range of price points, making them accessible to all and sundry. Oversized earrings that go well with almost all necklines and ensembles ruled the red carpet at the Oscars. They are all set to bring a bling to your appearance this season.

Check mate! Black and white is the ultimate color combination that is a hit everywhere it is used. This spring, the Paris fashion show brought forth this exciting combination into the world of jewelry. Black rhodium is now being used by international designers along with white gold or silver to recreate the classic black and white effect.

all womens like Glamulet

Statement necklaces and chokers are the quintessential jewelry pieces of the season that adorned the necks of stars and models at the Oscars in February. From then, they have been turned into a fashion rage that goes well with a range of ensembles, starting from heavy wedding ensembles to light denim wear.

Gold has never actually lost its sheen in its long history. Even today, it is the favourite of designers and consumers alike. More and more women are now creating a layering look using this warmer metal. Delicate gold pendant necklaces and charming bracelets are the looks to flaunt this season.

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Christmas Jewelry Necklace Designs Tue, 05 Jan 2016 14:36:48 +0000 christmas jewelry2 it’s time for beading and handmade jewelry enthusiasts to start thinking about what they’ll make this year. Whether you’re making gifts for your friends or jewelry for your work Christmas party, there are so many styles to choose from. Here we run through just a few of this season’s styles you could recreate: Ear cuffs Make a statement at your work’s Christmas party by wearing some fierce and fearless ear cuffs. These are easy to make with the help of the following tools: Craft wire Pliers A hammer Super glue Flat backs or beads Using pliers, shape some craft wire to match the curve of your ear. Next, either thread beads onto the wire, or bash the wire with a hammer to flatten it so that flat backs can be glued on. Finally, add an earring post to the back of the ear cuff and hey presto!


Statement necklace

christmas necklace1 Not only can a statement necklace be the perfect addition to a Christmas party dress, it can also make a brilliant and unique gift that shows you’ve put great thought and effort into its creation. The best thing about statement necklaces is that there really are no rules. All you need to do is get stuck in, use your imagination and unleash your creativity. Craft wire can be a great tool to use for statement necklaces, particularly if you want to give your creation a unique shape, as you’ll be able to mould it to suit your own taste. We recommend threading lots of seed beads onto the wire, before adding Swarovski crystals for a stunning finishing touch. If you’d like to make the necklace pictured above, you can find more instructions in our ‘How to make jewelry glamorous’ post.



Christmas jewelry

christmas jewelry1 Whether you’re after a quirky piece of jewelry or a cute festive treat for a friend, there are plenty of fun ways to make seasonal jewelry that’s sure to impress. To make the Christmas trees pictured above, you’ll need Super duo beads and either wire or thread. If all that threading looks a little too complicated, our Christmas Santa & Christmas tree Charms with Swarovski crystals could do the trick.

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Bridal Jewelry Trends 2016 Sun, 20 Dec 2015 05:17:40 +0000 Bridal Jewellry

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. 

This age-old British rhyme continues to inspire the brides in choosing their jewelry on the D-day. Love. Excitement.  Happiness.  Exuberance. Drama. And lots of drama. Isn’t what weddings are all about? laugh

Let’s take a look at what is to come within the world of jewelry in 2016.


Bridal Jewellry2Go Bold with Gold

Gold never goes out of style! The chicest way to wear the precious metal in 2016 is in the form of slender bracelets that stack up to the wrist and articulate cocktail rings. While rose gold is 2015, yellow gold will be making a comeback in 2016.



Old is Gold (and silver and diamond and earrings and…!  )

The vintage look will be the most in thing in 2016. So do not get upset if your grandmother gives her own old jewelry for your wedding. In fact, team it up creatively with modern jewelry. You can use that earring as your maang-teeka and you are ready to roll!


Bridal Jewellry3The Devil is in the Detail 

Indian jewelry boasts of craftsmanship and quality. Choose your engagement ring with an intricate design and incorporate twist shanks into it.

Awesome Blossom 

A bride has to look feminine and delicate. What could be better than flowers to signify feminity and youthfulness?  You will not get to see flowers only in the decoration now but also on the jewellery

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Bracelets For Men And Women Mon, 14 Dec 2015 04:19:53 +0000 BraceletsA bracelet is a piece of jeweler that adorns the wrist or the forearm. The word bracelet is derived from the Latin word ‘brachium’ meaning arm. Bracelets are universal and versatile ornaments, displayed by both men and women. However the intricacies and designs incorporated in the bracelet vary for men and women. The history of bracelets started with bone and shell bracelets, moving to gold and silver after the discovery of these metals. Today bracelets are available in a variety of materials, designs and styles.

Bracelets for weddings and other special occasions are generally made of gold or silver. While gold seems to be a popular choice with women for daily wear as well as celebrations, the men prefer bracelets made of silver or other metals, reserving gold for exclusive occasions like weddings.

The different Indian bracelets can be classified on the basis of styles, which are as follows:

Bangle Bracelet
This type of silver bracelet is circular in structure like a bangle but unlike a bangle that is uniformly decorated throughout, a bracelet may have a highlighting decoration. This bracelet also gives the comfort of adjusting the size on the wrist. The bangle bracelet may also have a hinge and lock mechanism.

Women’s everyday bangle bracelets can be subtle and delicate, and opulent for party wear. They can be embellished with gem stones or use craftsmanship like Meenakari. Here are some designs for women’s bangle bracelets from Diagold available on our website, Strand of Silk.

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An Introduction To Murano Glass Beads Tue, 17 Nov 2015 09:01:50 +0000 Murano glass is a sort of handmade glass that is made in the Venetian islands of Murano. Murano glass beads are a celebrated result of this specific spot and consistently countless darlings go to Murano just to get their hands on these lavish manifestations. Murano glass beads are beautiful and bright and they have been around for a considerable length of time. There is an extraordinary procedure utilized as a part of their manifestations and today you don’t need to set out the distance to Murano to get them, yet you can purchase them advantageously on the web.

Murano glass beads can be utilized as a part of the formation of a wide range of jewelry items such as necklaces, bracelets, anklets, pendants, earrings and a great deal more. You can consolidate them with different sorts of beads such as precious stone beads to make dazzling masterful pieces. These beads have been impacted by the creators of Venetian glass and they have been around since 1291. Glassmakers in those days utilized various advancements such as enameled glass, crystalline glass, kaleidoscopic glass, milk glass, glass comprising of strings of gold as well as impersonation gemstones made from glass and created beads that are still unmatched around the globe.

The initial move towards the making of Murano glass beads is creation of shaded sticks. It is vital that the substance mixes utilized as a part of their shading manufacture are blended precisely in light of the fact that they are entirely touchy. A blend of different mixes is utilized to accomplish different hues. For instance when cobalt and copper is consolidated, the subsequent shade of glass is sea green/blue.

Lampworked Beads

One of the systems that are regularly utilized as a part of the production of these beads is lampworking. A light or pneumatic machine burner and mandrel is utilized to make these beads. Beforehand, mandrels were made utilizing iron poles and were secured with a release material, however now the procedure makes utilization of a copper tube. This makes different states of beads. In spite of the fact that the lampwork strategy is tedious, the result is beautiful and staggering. Every dot has to be delivered independently and they are normally entirely costly as well.

Different Types of Murano Glass Beads
Wedding cake beads, otherwise called Fiorato is another sort of beads made utilizing the lampwork strategy. These are prevalent in view of their interesting outlines which highlight twirls, dabs and roses and are enhanced with glass overlays. Chevron beads were initially made in the fourteenth century and they are for the most part recognized by a white, blue and red crisscross example. Millefiori beads are entirely like Chevron beads, aside from that they are made utilizing an assortment of different hues as well.
Blown beads are made utilizing a procedure called Filigree or Filigrana strategy

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