Bracelet Charms – Absolutely Stunning On Their Wrists

G-bracelt2A typical Italian charm bracelet has links that are combined together to form a bracelet and has no charms soldered onto it. The links could be formed in various shapes like images, figurines, letters, stones or pictures. It is because of these interlinked charms that Italian charm bracelets are also called modular charm bracelets. Italian bracelets cast in gold and sterling silver are quite popular amongst the youth, so are the stainless steel ones that are equally popular amidst both men and women.

The uber chic and sleek designs and styles available in Italian charms bracelet makes it an accessory of choice amongst customers across boundaries. Add a dash of color to this fascinating accessory by opting for a brilliant turquoise, sapphire, pearls or coral.

A charm bracelet made in sterling silver with diamonds encrusted in heart shape or a gold charm bracelet with the initials of your beloved engraved on it is the best gift you can give to your sweetheart. Charm bracelets are the best way to wear the love and passion of your life on your sleeves!

glamulet shop1What adds a touch of uniqueness to your charm bracelet are the charms! From initials of your loved one to his picture in a small frame, anything and everything of significance can be added to make your charm an extension of your personality. Charm bracelets are also quite a favourite amongst kids as it provides them with an opportunity to display their favourite cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Nemo, Pooh Bear and Tinker Bell.

Girls particularly love to flaunt Disney princess’s charms that look absolutely stunning on their wrists. Charm bracelets have forever been in fashion but there two new kinds that have emerged only recently- European and Italian. Interchangeable links or beads make these types of charm bracelets a rage that they are today.

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