The Growing Trend of Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry has always had a charm that new fashion jewelry has failed to replicate. The vintage or antique jewelry has an inherent magical quality that lets you travel back in time. Wearing it makes you reminiscence over a bygone era that is brought to life through that piece of finery. Vintage jewelry has a history waiting to be unravelled and that makes this kind of jewelry so fascinating. Apart from vintage or antique jewelry that is available to you in the form of heirloom jewelry that has been handed over from generations to generations, jewellers today are trying to recreate the same magic through recycled elements, metals, designs and stones. The demand for such recycled pieces has been soaring owing to the link it establishes with the bygone era, along with the promotion of environmental consciousness that these pieces try and achieve.


There are several factors that work in favour of vintage jewelry. According to experts, people today are fed up of mass-produced jewelry that gives them the sense of being a commoner, whereas vintage jewelry provides people with a royal and unique feel. Also, people have more disposable income in hands, hence they are looking to own and adorn individual pieces that add to their unique personality. For those who can’t afford it, incorporation of unique items from vintage jewelry into new pieces of finery is the trend to be followed.

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Major jewelry designers and brands of today are picking up curios and architectural pieces from vintage jewelry and blending it into brass and bronze castings, crystal strands and semi-precious metal chains. Antique-button pendants are also quite in vogue today where the buttons are not made of glass but metals like bronze, brass, tin, copper and pewter, and are set in sterling silver chains as pendants. Several celebrities like Pink, The Veronicas and Lily Allen have also been adorning recreated and refurbished vintage elements that include using dice and antique playing card into a fascinating new shape to be used in a pendant.

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