Fashion Jewelry Retailers Ruling the Online Space

The boom in the e-commerce sector is for all to see. Though in every other field, consumers have instated faith in the e-tailers over the years, jewelry is quite a recent entrant in the bandwagon. Jewelry is an expensive item and most traditional buyers still flock the brick-and-mortar stores for an in-store personal experience.

Jewelry retailers and manufacturers have been leaving no stone upturned to get the consumers on the World Wide Web by offering them the best sales and after-sales support. While the in-store experience is undoubtedly more personal and individualised, the jewelry e-tailers are making all efforts to bring the online jewelry experience as close as it can get to the in-store shopping experience. Visit us. The same level of service as at brick-and-mortar stores is now being replicated online as well and has resulted in increased sale through this medium.

all womens like GlamuletMore and more consumers today are buying jewelry through various mediums like stores, and online through their laptops and phones. This is a result of the sincere efforts from the retailers’ side in seamlessly following their service ethos through all these mediums.

Today, jewelry businesses are being set up that have no stores and are solely dependent on their websites for doing business and generating sales. BaubleBar, based in New York, is one such fashion jewellery e-tailer that offers tips, advice and service online through e-mail, phone, live video consultation and audio chats. For an experience that mirrors the in-store one, one can view jewelry items through live video streaming, receive styling tips online through mails or chats, and can even send photographs of their outfit to receive jewelry tips on matching jewelry. Such revolutionary business models have boosted the faith of consumers in online fashion jewelry stores as overall engagement of consumers has been taken to a whole new level along with the faith of the consumers in online brands.

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