Fashion Jewelry Trends That Change With Each Season

fashion jewelryJust like the consumers who are able to update their jewelry often owing to cheaper metals, designers and brands too are able to refresh their ranges quickly as the use of ‘urban’ metals gains more acceptance. Since ‘urban’ metals are stronger, they can be easily made lighter without being broken or damaged to create exquisite statement pieces that are lighter on your pockets as well! Stainless steel is increasingly being used in place of other white metals or even as a replacement for gold as it is majorly scratch-free, tarnish-free, hypoallergenic and more resistant than silver or gold.

Tungsten is another ‘urban’ metal that is expected to rise in ranks in the jewelry industry in near future. This metal is more expensive than stainless steel and most consumers are not aware of it, hence its use in jewelry is only limited till now. Being the hardest metal being used in the jewelry industry, tungsten is dark grey in color and has a dense weight.

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Aluminium, a metal that is light, malleable and corrosion-resistant, is quite an interesting medium that is coupled with precious and semi-precious stones and metals to create luminous pieces of finery.more info

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Be it tungsten, stainless steel or aluminum, each of these metals have grabbed a fair share of the fashion jewelry market today. Traditionally, these ‘urban’ and tough metals are considered to be quite manly and had been mostly used for men’s watches and jewelry.

Surprisingly, these metals are being lapped up by women as well! Women today prefer to complement their fast changing wardrobe trends with fashion jewelry trends that change with each season.

No wonder, these affordable, tough, tarnish-resistant and easy-to-work-with metals are the preferred metals amongst both the jewelry manufactures and buyers.

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