Jewelry Trends 2016 from the Red Carpet

B14010FA0Runway fashions and jewelry trends from across the world have forever been inspiring the fashion jewelry trends at the onset of each season. It is the jewelry and accessories worn by the women on top and top models that become the deciding factor for the trends that are to rule the industry in the upcoming seasons. Top international jewelry designers make sure to craft exquisite and exclusive jewelry pieces that provide women worldwide with fashion ideas that rule their choices for the time to come. It is about time that we offer you the buying guidelines that should keep you up-to-date with the latest fashion jewelry trends, including specific gemstone and jewelry offerings that are based on runway fashions and red carpet trends.

Earring jackets and studs are the latest trends that are topping the wish lists of fashionistas around the globe. Studs can be either worn solo or along with jackets that provide wearer with an ultra cool and chic look. Studs with jackets can be bought at a wide range of price points, making them accessible to all and sundry. Oversized earrings that go well with almost all necklines and ensembles ruled the red carpet at the Oscars. They are all set to bring a bling to your appearance this season.

Check mate! Black and white is the ultimate color combination that is a hit everywhere it is used. This spring, the Paris fashion show brought forth this exciting combination into the world of jewelry. Black rhodium is now being used by international designers along with white gold or silver to recreate the classic black and white effect.

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Statement necklaces and chokers are the quintessential jewelry pieces of the season that adorned the necks of stars and models at the Oscars in February. From then, they have been turned into a fashion rage that goes well with a range of ensembles, starting from heavy wedding ensembles to light denim wear.

Gold has never actually lost its sheen in its long history. Even today, it is the favourite of designers and consumers alike. More and more women are now creating a layering look using this warmer metal. Delicate gold pendant necklaces and charming bracelets are the looks to flaunt this season.

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