Bracelets For Men And Women

BraceletsA bracelet is a piece of jeweler that adorns the wrist or the forearm. The word bracelet is derived from the Latin word ‘brachium’ meaning arm. Bracelets are universal and versatile ornaments, displayed by both men and women. However the intricacies and designs incorporated in the bracelet vary for men and women. The history of bracelets started with bone and shell bracelets, moving to gold and silver after the discovery of these metals. Today bracelets are available in a variety of materials, designs and styles.

Bracelets for weddings and other special occasions are generally made of gold or silver. While gold seems to be a popular choice with women for daily wear as well as celebrations, the men prefer bracelets made of silver or other metals, reserving gold for exclusive occasions like weddings.

The different Indian bracelets can be classified on the basis of styles, which are as follows:

Bangle Bracelet
This type of silver bracelet is circular in structure like a bangle but unlike a bangle that is uniformly decorated throughout, a bracelet may have a highlighting decoration. This bracelet also gives the comfort of adjusting the size on the wrist. The bangle bracelet may also have a hinge and lock mechanism.

Women’s everyday bangle bracelets can be subtle and delicate, and opulent for party wear. They can be embellished with gem stones or use craftsmanship like Meenakari. Here are some designs for women’s bangle bracelets from Diagold available on our website, Strand of Silk.

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