Christmas Jewelry Necklace Designs

christmas jewelry2 it’s time for beading and handmade jewelry enthusiasts to start thinking about what they’ll make this year. Whether you’re making gifts for your friends or jewelry for your work Christmas party, there are so many styles to choose from. Here we run through just a few of this season’s styles you could recreate: Ear cuffs Make a statement at your work’s Christmas party by wearing some fierce and fearless ear cuffs. These are easy to make with the help of the following tools: Craft wire Pliers A hammer Super glue Flat backs or beads Using pliers, shape some craft wire to match the curve of your ear. Next, either thread beads onto the wire, or bash the wire with a hammer to flatten it so that flat backs can be glued on. Finally, add an earring post to the back of the ear cuff and hey presto!


Statement necklace

christmas necklace1 Not only can a statement necklace be the perfect addition to a Christmas party dress, it can also make a brilliant and unique gift that shows you’ve put great thought and effort into its creation. The best thing about statement necklaces is that there really are no rules. All you need to do is get stuck in, use your imagination and unleash your creativity. Craft wire can be a great tool to use for statement necklaces, particularly if you want to give your creation a unique shape, as you’ll be able to mould it to suit your own taste. We recommend threading lots of seed beads onto the wire, before adding Swarovski crystals for a stunning finishing touch. If you’d like to make the necklace pictured above, you can find more instructions in our ‘How to make jewelry glamorous’ post.



Christmas jewelry

christmas jewelry1 Whether you’re after a quirky piece of jewelry or a cute festive treat for a friend, there are plenty of fun ways to make seasonal jewelry that’s sure to impress. To make the Christmas trees pictured above, you’ll need Super duo beads and either wire or thread. If all that threading looks a little too complicated, our Christmas Santa & Christmas tree Charms with Swarovski crystals could do the trick.

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